We offer compliance program assessments, development and implementation support for the following compliance areas: Import, Export and Customs, Anti-Bribery and Corruption, Drug Precursor, Distilled Spirits Plant, and Third Party due diligence.  The success of any of one of these compliance programs, at each level of the company’s organization, is interdependent and ultimately critical to the overall success of the Company.  Our range of experience working inside companies and across multiple compliance media enables us to visualize the bigger picture and determine your optimal solutions. 

Depending on an individual client's needs, our assessment, development and implementation support can be comprehensive and cover the full list of components listed below, or it can be tailored to cover specific components.  

  • Status of program implementation
  • Culture assessment
  • Gap Analysis
  • Compliance organization analysis
  • Policy, procedure, and work process review, development, and implementation
  • Regulatory applicability determination, interpretation, and guidance
  • Training program analysis, development and delivery
  • Automation solution analysis and vendor selection
  • Metric development
  • Hotline case management and whistleblower support
  • Program and Controls implementation
  • Pre- and Post-acquisition compliance program assessment, development, and integration
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  • Audit program review, development and audit services

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