GCSGs due diligence reports highlight potential risk areas and are designed to assist our clients with scrutinizing their current and potential international third-party relationships.  The reports are available in local languages in many jurisdictions around the world and provide auditable proof of a third-party due diligence process. Our reports help facilitate your decision making process for on-boarding potential international vendors, suppliers, distributors, agents and acquisition targets.

Why GCSG? 

GCSGs extensive due diligence and audit experience across multiple compliance media both within industry and government provides us with the ability to efficiently and accurately assess potential risk for your business.  To learn more about GCSG visit our About GCSG page.    

Featured Product


"Base" Due Diligence Report


GCSG’s due diligence report research is designed to search for major unfavorable information that exists on the report subject.  The report subject can be a company or individuals.  The reports are available in many countries and the report findings are based on:

  • Screening against all major restricted party lists issued by governments around the world

  • English and local language key word searches of public internet pages and major international online media

  • When available, among others, credit checks, litigation checks, corporate registry checks, and reference checks

What do the reports cover?

  • Restricted party lists screening

  • Validation of company information

  • Business activity & registration (where obtainable)

  • Evidence of compliance program elements

  • Social Media profiles (where available)

  • Risks that are related to government connections, bribery & corruption, fraud, export control issues, EHS, IP, Anti-trust, regulatory, and other issues

  • Country specific risks

Report structure

  • Report subject

  • Summary (incl. level of concern, company information, individual information, and risk findings)

  • Satellite location photo (company only)

  • Media and internet sources

  • Terms and conditions

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